Brilliant Marketing

Hall backs up his claims that the business of marketing should be a rollercoaster, with a high-speed tour of what makes this profession great.

Will Arnold-Baker, Managing Director Publicis UK

Brilliant MarketingI set out to write what I thought was the best book on marketing for everyday reading that there was.

It’s not a text book. It’s a thriller. Because that’s what marketing is. Utterly thrilling.

The argument is this. Marketing is so much more important than finance and corporate strategy and change management and leadership profiling and all that stuff.

Marketing and engineering together made our recent civilisation great and it’s time to reassert the magic of marketing. It’s the skill of making marketplaces change. Steve Jobs is a marketer first, foremost and memorably.

Consistently the best-selling marketing book on Amazon ‘Brilliant Marketing’ is going into a second edition in early 2012.

New Brilliant Marketing will have updated case studies, an extended section on digital marketing and social media and sharper practical advice to start-ups and SMEs on how to lift their marketing game and literally be brilliant.

In marketing you have the power to transform a business.

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