The Secrets of Success at Work (2nd Edition)

Full of amusement, telling anecdotes and  great wisdom – I wish that good advice was always so appealing.

Professor Marcus Alexander, London Business School

The Secrets of Success at Work

It’s a terrible hyped title. Sorry. If only I’d called it “A pocket-book to keeping your job and increasing your salary” I’d have been happier.

It contains a whole lot of home truths like how to manage your boss; how to impress people by how you look and how much you know; an important chapter on team building and one on being Renaissance Man in a busy-busy world.

I think it’s the best guidebook to corporate survival around and I’m glad I wrote it.

It’s now in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Polish, Malaysian, Spanish, Vietnamese and Russian.

It concludes:

Suddenly business has become an extreme sport. Good luck.

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